A fluorescent lamp or fluorescent tube is a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite mercury vapor. The excited mercury atoms produce short-wave ultraviolet light that then causes a phosphor to fluoresce, producing visible light. A fluorescent lamp converts electrical power into useful light more efficiently than an incandescent lamp. Lower energy cost typically offsets the higher initial cost of the lamp.

While larger fluorescent lights have been used mostly in commercial or institutional buildings, the compact fluorescent lamp is now available in the same common sizes as incandescents and are used as an energy-saving alternative in homes and smaller offices.

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Fluorescent Light Lamp Tube collection and Disposal

We dedicate ourselves in helping you with all your fluorescent light, lamp, strip, bulb and tube collection and disposal needs. We are based in Woking, Surrey, Chard, Somerset and Southampton, Hampshire.  We provide a UK national collection and recycling service for fluorescent light tubes, lamps and strip lights at very short notice or as an ongoing service for companies and authorities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. So if you have fluorescent lamps, lights, strips or bulbs for collection, storage or disposal in Newcastle, birmingham or Exeter, it doesn’t matter where we are the honest and friendly company to help you.

AA Waste prefer to use recycling routes over landfill.  Fluorescent light tubes are a recyclable item, therefore along with our business partners this is the route we prefer.  We will collect your spent fluorescent light tubes at your convenience. They are taken to a fully licensed recycling centre, where our business partners use advanced, state of the art equipment and British technology to remove contaminants and neutralize sodium.  Useable fluorescent  lamp materials are processed and separated for recycling. Mercury is recovered from the lamps and reused. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recycled in the industry and the tube glass is reused.

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AA Waste Fluorescent Light Tube Collection and Disposal Service

“I used AA Waste for a number of years (up until my retirement) for the removal of our laboratory waste streams, which included several highly toxic chemicals used in polyester analysis. I found them to be highly professional in the manner in which they produce the documentation precisely to our very stringent requirements. AA Waste have always been punctual in arrival for the collection of the waste. They have consistently been able to accommodate our requests for specific secondary containment, which our company required for the transportation of the highly toxic waste streams.”


Geoff Close, Laboratory Waste Co-ordinator (retired)
Chemical Company, Wilton International, Redcar.